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Violent Crime Continues To Rise In "Gun-Ban" Utopia Of Great Britain

In a pattern that has repeated itself in Canada and Australia, violent crime has continued to go up in Great Britain despite--or perhaps because of--a complete ban on handguns, most rifles and many shotguns. The broad ban that went into effect in 1997 was trumpeted by the British government as a cure for violent crime. The cure has proven to be much worse than the disease.

Crime rates in England have skyrocketed since enactment of the ban. According to economist John Lott of the American Enterprise Institute, the violent crime rate has risen 69 percent since 1996, with robbery rising 45 percent and murders rising 54 percent. This is even more alarming when you consider that, from 1993 to 1997, armed robberies had fallen by 50 percent. Recent information released by the Home Office shows that trend is continuing. Reports released in October 2004 show that in just the second quarter of 2004, violent crime rose 11 percent. Violence against persons rose 14 percent. The English experience is further proof that gun bans don't reduce crime. They do create ready victims for criminals, denying law-abiding people the opportunity to defend themselves. One might think that with this track record, British politicians would repeal their failed disarmament policies. To the contrary, faced with the failure of their gun-control schemes, they are actually calling for more prohibition.

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